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News Archive

Important notice
Site Update icon The site's going to be down between Friday 20th 00:00 GMT and Saturday 21st 06:00 GMT just so we're able to make all the changes necessary for the Anniversary.
Just so you know and don't worry if you can't access the site during those times smile
19 Jan 2006 by
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Downloads offline
Site Update icon I'm sorry about this sad
The downloads will be unavailable until the 21st, more info in the previous post, you can access the downloads through megaupload though, and we'll still be making updates.
Thanks for understanding
13 Jan 2006 by
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Great Arkadian Holiday Marathon - Day 16 to 23 (and an explanation)
Holiday Marathon icon We're very sorry that we haven't done the updates as we promised sad we've been sort of busy and had internet problems and basically since we subconsciously wanted to hold back some of this material at least for a while so the bandwidth wouldn't be dead in a matter of hours, life got in the way to help the naughty cause, but now we're posting.

As usual all the files are mirrored in Megaupload, we've found people telling us that some of the downloads expire and say something like "reaching the download limit" but we really have no idea how it is happening, we'll look onto this ASAP.

If the bandwidth goes dangerously close to the limit, we'll remove the downloads of the site until the 21st, but we'll continue to make the updates and all files will be available through megaupload, the best way we can.

The 21st is the first 6 Months Anniversary of the Arks and we're celebrating with the Grand Finale of the Marathon as well, many surprises will come, so we don't want to not be able to bring them, after they're revealed bandwidth can go down the drain laughing *hides the surprises*
Here are the updates per day, and sorry for not being as efficient as we should:

Day 16 - January 5th
The Libertines - Live @ Rock Against Racism, Astoria 16.03.04 Audio

Day 17 - January 6th
The Libertines - Live @ Jonathan Ross Audio

Day 18 - January 7th
The Libertines - Live on Later With Jools Holland 11.01.02 Audio

Day 19 - January 8th
Pete Doherty - Live @ Jazz After Dark, 06.01.06 - Video
Thanks a lot to 15holes smile and to everyone who helped reuploading the videos

Day 20 - January 9th
Pete Doherty - Live @ Jazz After Dark, 07.01.06 - Video
Thanks a lot to the people who posted this, I do not know the original creators of this vids but credit goes to them smile

Day 21 - January 10th
Pete Doherty - NYE Gig 2005 Clips - Video
Thanks to a very clever contributor who managed to get a camera in smile

Day 22 - January 11th
Pete on Court on BBC News (11.01.06) - Video

Day 23 - January 12th
Babyshambles Live @ Koko 09.01.06 - Video
Thanks a lot to 15holes once again! smile
12 Jan 2006 by
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Great Arkadian Holiday Marathon - Day 15
Holiday Marathon icon Don't Look Back into the Sun (Live in New Brighton - Wirral Festival 21.06.03) Video

I'm sorry that I didn't do the update yesterday and that this one again was made so late, next week I'll be able to use my computer and so you can expect better things smile thanks for your patience
04 Jan 2006 by
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Great Arkadian Holiday Marathon - Day 14
Holiday Marathon icon EDITED: Graham Coxon ft Carl - Borstal Breakout (Live @ DPT Koko 16.07.05) WMV
04 Jan 2006 by
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Great Arkadian Holiday Marathon - Day 13
Holiday Marathon icon Sorry that I've made the update this late in the day, computer died several times and other things got in the way. But it's here now smile
Today, something slightly different.
We're finally opening the Extra goodies section of the site smile
And to launch it, 5 cheesy screensavers that we hope you like. smile
(We made them ourselves, they're clean)
They're .scr format inside a zip file.
So, head this way to find them, and ignore the layout because we haven't managed to make a suiting one yet laughing

(The Extras are also accessible from Main page -> Media -> Extra Goodies)
02 Jan 2006 by
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Great Arkadian Holiday Marathon - Day 12
Holiday Marathon icon A pretty start for the year... smile
Babyshambles - Albion Acoustic Video
This was posted by kissmejules in share_the_libs, thanks so much

Once again apologies because of the site being down, hope you like today's updates, we made them in separate posts for archival purposes, and also, to make them handy while searching and such...

Also, a quick note to ask you to please, not sign up to the Bala Chadha site, as we have seen in the previews, there is some footage that features Pete in private gigs and such, but there is also lots of very invasive and humilliating footage (the vast majority)
We all know who this Paul Ro is and we also know Pete is getting no benefit from this site (EVEN if he were getting money out of it)
We have means to get the footage that is worthy, so don't worry, you'll get to see it, but please, don't let curiosity lead your steps the wrong way.

May the New Year be filled with greatness and dreams coming true.
01 Jan 2006 by
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Great Arkadian Holiday Marathon - Day 11
Holiday Marathon icon The Saga, live in Paris, from the last ever Libs gig
Closing cycles
01 Jan 2006 by
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Great Arkadian Holiday Marathon - Day 10
Holiday Marathon icon Fuck Forever produced by Nellee Hooper
It was never released, someone posted it in the official forum, credit goes to them
01 Jan 2006 by
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Great Arkadian Holiday Marathon - Day 9
Holiday Marathon icon Peter Acoustic in Paris, in 2002
Good old days
01 Jan 2006 by
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Great Arkadian Holiday Marathon - Day 8
Holiday Marathon icon 4 Bala Chadha clips that used to be in their homepage
01 Jan 2006 by
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Great Arkadian Holiday Marathon - Day 7
Holiday Marathon icon Today, the short version of Pete at Newsnight smile thanks again to Myska for posting it in share_the_libs, this one is a bit shorter but has better quality as well.
27 Dec 2005 by
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Great Arkadian Holiday Marathon - Day 6
Holiday Marathon icon Again, sorry for the delay, busy times even in the holidays... today, the new interview of Pete at Newsnight smile thanks to Myska for posting it in share_the_libs
26 Dec 2005 by
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Great Arkadian Holiday Marathon - Day 5
Holiday Marathon icon Sorry that I've made the update this late... just a tiny gift... Boys in the Band with Jools Holland... HQ!!!! and I mean... HIGH! Thanks to Tom, (ThePennyDrops) for this video smile
25 Dec 2005 by
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Great Arkadian Holiday Marathon - Day 4
Holiday Marathon icon Today's a tiny yet lovely update, a couple of backlogged Books of Albion. Consumption and Stix & Stones that were taken from Andrew Kendall's site and pointed out to us by many members, thanks to them, see them in the gallery, or in the books page
May you all have the best Christmas ever smile
24 Dec 2005 by
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Great Arkadian Holiday Marathon - Day 3
Holiday Marathon icon Sorry for the delay in posting this... today's a Dirty Pretty day laughing
Bang Bang, You're Dead Demo and Bang Bang, You're Dead Demo Music Video from Paris
Enjoy smile
23 Dec 2005 by
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Great Arkadian Holiday Marathon - Day 2
Holiday Marathon icon Two new LOVELY wallpapers by our one and only Paperwreck and also the Love-and-Music-Black one had a spelling mistake and has been fixed smile
See them: Down in Albion, Tell the King and Love and Music - Black (fixed)
22 Dec 2005 by
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Great Arkadian Holiday Marathon - Day 1
Holiday Marathon icon Today's update bears media... the long awaited Durch die Nacht with Adam Green and our beloved Carlos... all four parts here

And Happy Yule to all Wiccans!!! smile
21 Dec 2005 by
comments (5)

And the big surprise is... the Arkadian Holiday Marathon!!!
Site Update icon So, it's still a bit early on this side of the world but the grand surprise is revealed...
It's the end of the year and as we all know... time for holidays!!!
Given the multiple origins of the visitors of this site making it a Christmas celebration would be kinda unfair... and also, one celebration isn't enough, is it? so we are very proud to present to you...

The Great Arkadian Holiday Marathon!!!
Starting with the Yule festivities (on the Winter solstice, December 21st and as a present for all Wiccans smile) and ending with the 6 Month Anniversary of our site on the 21st of January! 32 Days total

An update each day featuring all sorts of goodies and awesomeness and overenthusiastic lame-ass posts by your admins! laughing
All updates will be done between 00:00 GMT and 12:00 GMT... but don't worry, they'll be there by the time you visit, so you don't have to visit everyday smile (tho we'd love you to... and in case you want to you're more than welcome of course! smile)
Well, that's the surprise... hope you enjoy it wink

You can check this thread where each day we'll be posting what's been added. And/or the main page where each day we'll add an update smile
(btw, you won't be able to post in the thread, if you'd like to comment on a certain update please make a new thread or use the comment feature under each update)

Check in a few hours for Day 1 wink
Happy holidays, Arkadians! laughing
Kisses and hugs!
20 Dec 2005 by
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Keep your eyes open...
Site Update icon We're very sorry we've been such useless admins and that we've neglected the site but... a very, very nice surprise is coming shortly... wink
So look forward to it, starting on the equinox - December 21st
13 Dec 2005 by
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An update, a thank you, an apology and a notice
Site Update icon On Friday night Babyshambles performed Fuck Forever and Albion on Jools Holland :)
Thanks to ThePennyDrops we have High (and I mean: HIGH!!!) Quality videos of both performances in HDTV format here and here.
We also have regular quality files (here and here) that Dilly Boy was so kind as to post links for in the forum and Audio files provided by him as well here and a Backstage clip of them performing Breathe, don't know who posted this, whoever it was, thank you, I converted it from .3gp to wmv, you can download it here
Also, remember those adorable, adorable clips of Pete and Carl back in 2002 at Gonzo? three more surfaced, posted by nmes_bitch @ share_the_libs in LJ (here, here and here).
And a couple more clips of the libs in Japan, in a hotel room, recorded by fans... courtesy of vicarinatutugal here
Twelve new files total.

On a happy side note... we did reach the amount of downloads needed -THANKS A LOT TO ALL OF YOU smile! Hopefully in the future we'll be able to offer open downloads to everyone smile
And also, thanks a lot to those of you who have donated, Tom, Chris and Adam, your contribution is really very highly appreciated.

And... updating today I just noticed that because of a mistake in the settings in the files of the last few updates (I think ever since the DPT files were added *embarrassed*) Ark Visitors weren't able to download them... I have fixed that. Really sorry about that and also, I'm sorry I haven't updated the list... I'm going nuts with all the work I have... I'll try to do it ASAP and also, soon vacations will come and everything will be going smoothly with the site again smile

And finally... if you're a fan of The Libs, then you have heard about Andrew Kendall (fantastic photographer and demi-god) well, recently his photography equipment was stolen and the insurance won't pay him sad
Go here for more info. The prints aren't expensive and they're amazing and you'd be helping out a really amazing guy. So if you were planning on buying a print some time... make that time now.

That would be it for today, thanks a lot again to all of you smile
19 Nov 2005 by
comments (6)

Update and request...
Media Update icon 69 New files added today smile you can see them HERE
They'll be on the list by tomorrow morning, also, credits and such will be added then, I just thought I'd let you know about them now smile

And I wanted to ask you all for a favour.
Some of you may remember that we tried to run ads in the site with basically no results, then we found megaupload.
Being on Megaupload has helped us a lot to provide files and the posibility of revenue is present as well, we however have to reach 50000 downloads by Tuesday, with the average of dowloads we have per day, we'll be running short with about 1500, so we need 1500 extra downloads in the next couple of days.
If you can help us out by downloading files off megaupload (real attempt of download is necessary, just clicking the links does not increase the counter) we'd be really very thankful.
The 50000 downloads would give us 50 USD that would pay for two months of hosting, and given that we are in the rank in place 58, we'd get a 50 USD bonus, this money would pay for 4 months of hosting of the site, we've been kinda broke these few last weeks so it would really help us out.

Also, I'd like to mention that we've recently received a very generous donation by penny1005, it was completely thanks to her that we've been able to pay this month's fee. Thank you so much Beth. smile

Thanks in advance to all of you who help.
13 Nov 2005 by
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Tiny Update
Media Update icon Albion video smile
31 Oct 2005 by
comments (3)

Downloads are back up
Site Update icon Enjoy smile
27 Oct 2005 by
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Downloads offline
Site Update icon Running out of bandwidth again, sad please use the megaupload links.
We'll most likely re-enable the downloads on the 30th or so, when if we run out of bandwidth it won't be much of a problem since the change of month is near
Thanks for understanding
21 Oct 2005 by
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Tiny update
Media Update icon Just posting to let you know that the second part of the Rome gig of DPT has been posted smile
19 Oct 2005 by
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HUGE update
Media Update icon Tons and tons and TONS of files added... (252 to be exact... tho not all done yet) click on Read More for a full list
The List has also been updated

Special credit goes to Karen for all the files that have been added today, except for the DPT ones that are credited as follows:
Dylan86 from for making both audio bootlegs that have been posted in the site and the CSMN live video as well as the signing autographs one (and Dilly boy for pointing me towards them, as well as lalizzie and albauk for posting them on share_the_libs)
About the Rome gig, HUGE THANKS to lucylibertine from for recording it and posting the original huge file, and thanks to liquorreligion who managed to download it and splitted it in smaller files; hopefully the rest of the gig will surface soon smile
Again, thank you for helping the archive make it what it is.
16 Oct 2005 by
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Dirty Pretty Update...
Media Update icon First update featuring the new band we've all waited for...

Dirty Pretty Things - Live @ Padova DNA Club - Oct 11th 2005
- credit goes to lalizzie from Livejournal and to Dilly Boy smile

(also on The List)
12 Oct 2005 by
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List updated
Site Update icon With all files of the last update, such files are marked: new
Enjoy smile
07 Oct 2005 by
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HUGE update!
Media Update icon A total of 139 Files added smile!!! Click on Read More for a full list and credits
05 Oct 2005 by
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Downloads are back...
Site Update icon Downloads are back online smile
Expect some updates really soon wink
30 Sep 2005 by
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Important addition...
Site Update icon We are proud to announce and introduce... The List

Some people complained that they couldn't find anything on the site... and that downloading file by file was annoying, so... we just made this simple list with links to ALL the files in our site, downloadable off Megaupload.

Full gigs and Sessions are zipped so they're easy to download, and you don't have to register nor browse the archive... also, there are links to each file's info page in case you need it. Hope this will work good and it'll help out those who don't have much time to download or browse, so they just leave the downloads going smile

The end of the month is near, the site downloads will be back soon... but in the mean time... enjoy The List! laughing

(To get to it go to Media... there is the "Media List" you can also bookmark it, since it'll be updated just like the Archive...)
23 Sep 2005 by
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Site Update icon Once again we've run out of bandwidth for the month sad

We're very sorry about this. The downloads are unavailable until the next month... however, all files are now hosted at Megaupload as well, and the backup links should be working... if you find one that isn't working or isn't the file that's marked, please report it here.

The new downloading method did work to save lots of bandwidth, however it was nowhere near enough... we're still working on making everything work as smoothly as possible.

Expect cool updates in the next few days, including some Books of Albion, and nice clips smile

Also, to make it easier for those who have to download off Megaupload, we'll add Zip files containing full gigs and such soon, in the categories pages and also in an indexed page to make it easier to browse.

(And finally, not as important, but still... all files that were named "Are Bours" have changed to "A Rebours" now tongue hehe)

Thanks a lot for understanding and all the nice comments you've given, that's what keeps us going smile
14 Sep 2005 by
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Small update
Media Update icon Just adding two files... first Peter and the General Santana - Pentonville Rough and it turned out we were missing the last track from the Forum gig, on the 18th, I Get Along that is... you can download it here All credit for this track goes to pstm who so kindly sent it to us smile
10 Sep 2005 by
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Reading and FAQ
Media Update icon Babyshambles' set at Reading last weekend has been added, also, all files in Solo and Yeti have their megaupload links enabled and soon all the site will be ready.

The FAQ have been updated, the new system implemented and everything should be going smoothly smile enjoy
01 Sep 2005 by
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Babyshambles Sessions CD 1
Media Update icon To all the people who downloaded the Babyshambles Sessions CD 1 from this site, I have to tell you that the versions we had were not as they're suppossed to be... the files have been changed now with good files, you can download song by song off the site or download a zip off megaupload with all the songs of that cd: .

Sorry for the inconvenience
30 Aug 2005 by
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Files added
Media Update icon Just a couple... but what files they are! :lol:

Who the Fuck is Pete Doherty and Newsnight Interview Extended Version smile
30 Aug 2005 by
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Move finalized
Site Update icon The move was successful, enjoy the site, all downloads are available to all members until the end of the month, and look back in the next few days for updates and news smile

Thanks for your patience
28 Aug 2005 by
comments (2)

Site Update icon We are moving server in the next couple of days, the site might (will) not work... but once we're in the new server, everyone who's registered will be able to download freely until the end of the month, later the restrictions that have been mentioned will be implemented, the new files will be added and the megaupload links will be added slowly to all the files info pages.

It's taken longer than we expected, but rest assured, it'll be worth it smile
Thanks for understanding

Also, once the move is done will NOT work as a URL, please change your bookmarks to
27 Aug 2005 by
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Important changes coming...
Site Update icon Nothing to be scared of, though smile click on Read More for all the info and check for the updated FAQ

On other note, we've removed the ads, we've been sort of kicked out by Google, so we're on our own again, thanks to those who clicked sometime and sorry for the hassle of having the banners, if donating is not among your possibilities, click on Read More to find out how you can still help us.
13 Aug 2005 by
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Books of Albion
Media Update icon I want to thank Jeni (left_entranced) for her great contribution of "Treasures of Britain", it has been just added to the gallery smile
We're still missing a few books though, titles contributed by inkylibertine:
  • Find the Devil

  • Consumption

  • Stix and Stones

If you have any of them, please, let us know, all the fans benefit from your contribution smile

And also... now the Books of Albion are downloadable in Zip format because of the requests we had in the forum!
Click on the menu on Media to go... or here
09 Aug 2005 by
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The downloads...
Site Update icon Errr bad news... the media is going to be down for the next few days, we're running out of bandwidth and until we sort out a backing server (which is impossible at the moment and for at least a week) we can't risk running completely out of bandwidth for the whole month... please, check the forum in the next few days for updates on this... the gallery's still up, so you can look at it too, hehe

Sorry for this guys, the site's going really great tho... not even three weeks of life and already over 500 members and nearly 2 million hits!!!!

We'll work hard to keep up to your expectations smile
08 Aug 2005 by
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Yeti Pics
Pics Update icon As you know, the gallery is under construction smile We're trying to gather as much Libertine-related pictures as possible so they are not lost forever in the infinity of the internet, this is not a popularity thing whatsoever, we're just trying to preserve, as cheesy as it sounds laughing
In this update we're adding pictures of Yeti at gigs, also the pictures from their videoshoot and CD artwork have been added. Credit is given in each album. Photoshoots, scans and other pics to come.

We want to make clear that if we've posted a picture that belongs to you and you'd prefer it removed, let us know and we'll do so immediatly, if we (by mistake) didn't credit you or you'd prefer the credit to be changed, let us know, and if you have pictures you'd like us to add, let us know as well wink

Total pictures added: 641 and more to come
03 Aug 2005 by
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We're back!
Site Update icon Change of the month, so we're back online! laughing

The plan has been upgraded so look forward to more and more media! tongue

We would like to thank Karen, Alan, Jeni and Jeenie because they've helped significantly in the time our archive has been alive smile

Additionally to the downloads being up again, the bug we had in the media archive, asking for passwords has been fixed and lots of pictures are to come in the next few days.

Thanks for your patience smile

Edit to add -> Also, you may have noticed that now we have ads in all the footers, I hope you don't mind this, we try to keep it as little annoying as possible. An ocassional click on the ads would help the site greatly, so if you can't donate your money, please donate your time, and click, hehehe... or use the search box, it's just like using regular google but you'll help us out.

We don't know how this will go, we'll try for a few days smile
01 Aug 2005 by
comments (1)

Site Update icon Currently all media downloads are not accesible, due to bandwidth problems, but the forum, gallery and rest of the site are, also you can get the files you want if you request them, please click on "Read More" or go to the forum for further info on how to download.
24 Jul 2005 by
Read More ... comments (1)

And the first addition is...
Pics Update icon Some wallpapers for you to have fun with. Enjoy, and if you have time, comments would make my day.
21 Jul 2005 by
comments (3)

Just gone live!
Site Update icon The Albion Arks are open!

Paperwreck and Lenina are your hostesses in the feast, serve yourself smile

So far:- 792 audio and video files and 1056 pictures in the archive (only Books of Albion, we're still under construction)
21 Jul 2005 by
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