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News Archive

Fixed files and thingies
Site Update icon We had trouble with the some of the files from our last update, they've been fixed, as well as all other files that had apostrophers in their names, so everything should be going smoothly

No list of added files yet but we can assure you that we're working very hard... the anniversary update will be more than worth it wink
19 Jun 2006 by
comments (3)

Update done...
Media Update icon There's some good and some bad news...

The good news are that the update is done... 175 files for your enjoyment

The bad news are that the Bala Chadha files labeled as Essex University, Jazz After Dark and Purple have been removed for they are now part of the French Dog Blues site, that is now officially a Pete and Shambles site

A full list of files will be added soon... available once the "Read more" link in this piece of news is available smile
09 Jun 2006 by
comments (2)

Happy Birthday Carl!
Site Update icon May this be your best so far and may there be plenty more!!! smile We love you Carl!!

Now, I'm afraid that for personal reasons the update isn't ready just yet... sad we hope all the media files (really wonderful files I may add!) will be added by tomorrow, we'll post here a list and credits when it's ready smile
Then, we'll go adding to and proceed to make several little updates... while the time for the Albion Arks 1 Year Anniversary comes wink

Edit to add: it's taking a bit longer than planned... remember that even if the files appear in the media engine they don't work until we announce the whole update is ready, so if they don't work, don't worry
06 Jun 2006 by
comments (4)

Server move
Site Update icon Should be complete by today/tomorrow smile
Human work is all done, just the name server redirection and thingies like that beyond our control
So if you can't get in the gallery, list or books, don't worry wink
The media links have been updated too, this would be a good time to try and download all the big files you couldn't download previously for whatever reasons, the server is much more reliable and fast and we have a HUGE amount of spare bandwidth to burn 'til June 1st laughing

Also, we'll be updating the links to one by one, don't expect a HUGE update with all links... the amount of time we can spend uploading at the computer and the connection quality is not exactly at top form, so it's rather random... we wanted to have everything up by next update, but it won't be possible sad
When all links have been replaced we'll let you know, for now all Yeti and Carl will be done and most of Pete audio smile

We'll be using for files up to 150 MB, for files between 150 and 250 MB and for files over 250 MB big
31 May 2006 by
comments (0)

Moving around servers
Site Update icon We have modified our hosting plan and so everything will go back to our .com server
The files are being moved back here from the backup server and also the books of albion and gallery will come back to the main site and the gallery will be reintegrated with the forum, so you can use your account to upload pics and such.
All this moving around might mean you can find some files aren't working at certain moments and such, please bear with us, we'll let you know once everything's ready smile
22 May 2006 by
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Megaupload, the list and such...
Site Update icon Just so you know, during the next few weeks we'll be adding all the files to, so don't you worry if they aren't working on Megaupload; also, along with this... The List will be updated thoroughly smile
This means we'll hold out the update of files we promised for a bit longer, adding them on our nex update, that you may expect on Carl's Birthday (June 6th) smile
13 May 2006 by
comments (1)

Now working... and a list
Media Update icon Pete video files should be working properly now wink
I'd like to thank karma (peaches121) who helped me get back some videos that would've been lost otherwise and who also posted some of the files originally smile

ETA: Click on Read More for a detailed list of all the files added on the last update with credits, if you haven't been credited and should, let us know smile
Also, yet ANOTHER update is on the way... laughing
09 May 2006 by
Read More ... comments (2)

Site Update icon 412 new files... am off to pass out, a full list and credits to come soon... just know that the torrents and lots of live stuff has been added smile

ETA: Am afraid we have a slight problem with the Peter videos added (I accidentally deleted them off the server sad stupid me) we'll be adding them soon and let you know once it's ready
07 May 2006 by
comments (6)

List and stuff
Media Update icon The detailed list of added files is ready... please click on Read More to see what's new smile

Some quick notes:
-> We're going to be using for our backup thing from now on, but we haven't and won't be able to add the files for at least two more weeks, please be patient... and read the FAQ before flaming us.
-> When we don't do as we've promised it's not that we're lazy cunts who don't care, it's because we have a life outside the internet, and it's a rather busy one.
-> Once again, we're sorry that we upset you with the April's Fools Joke, but really, there's no need to be so insulting to us, the text we posted was full of references to Libs lyrics and articles and such... we tried to make it obvious without stating a LOLZ in the subject... sorry it didn't work, but calling us names takes you nowhere
-> I am aware that this post has been oversensitive, but please, understand that we do the best we can at all times, we get no profit from this, we spend time that we could very well be spending in sleeping or doing other stuff on making the site as good as possible, it is difficult enough as it is to then come and see that just because you haven't thought of refreshing the page or reading the FAQ we're the worst people in the world.

On other note, we've removed the What Katie Did Demo from the Unreleased Tracks by Babyshambles, it happened to be a B-Side and I wasn't aware of this, thanks to stylishkidsintheriot for pointing it out to us, so it makes it only 300 files laughing
09 Apr 2006 by
Read More ... comments (9)

Happy April's Fools Day!!!
Site Update icon We're so sorry to scare you!!! laughing
We didn't mean to upset anybody... Will 301 NEW Files make you forgive us?

A detailed list of files added in the update shall be added tomorrow smile
Also, please note that the files are NOT hosted in Megaupload yet, so please use in the Backup server link for members. smile
01 Apr 2006 by
comments (21)

So we're back, but in our short absence, Paperwreck and I have made a decision regarding the site.
Truth is The Libertines, whether we like it or not, are long dead and gone, and the new bands are never going to be as great as they used to be, and The Libs were never as great as a certain band that I just recently discovered is...
The Libertines are the past, while The Arctic Monkeys are THE FUTURE.
So now, I am sorry to announce you that The Albion Arks is closing, the gallery, list, books, media and forum will be removed as of tomorrow, and we'll only keep the domain name to redirect visitors to our new domain, already working, please feel free to visit at:
Thank you very much and sorry once again.

If you are still seeing this as main page, refresh it so you will see the REAL main page - because that would be that you're seeing it from your cache
01 Apr 2006 by
comments (31)

Quick update
Site Update icon Just letting you know that we've finished sorting out the update files but we have to reupload them now (we had several problems with the in-server sorting and had to do it this way wassat), it's about 4 GB of new stuff, so it will take around 3 days non-stop 'til it's done uploading, after that, we'll add them to the database in a matter of hours, so expect the update around Wednesday.

On other subject, as we said, we'll no longer be using Megaupload as a main backup service, and is down at the moment, therefore we'll be using Sendspace, just letting you know... cuz it'll take a bit before we're able to sort this out, also, we might be getting the list, books, extras files and gallery back in the main server, we don't know yet, tho... keep your eyes open and thanks for your patience smile
20 Mar 2006 by
comments (4)

We're back!
Site Update icon Most of the update is ready... what does it include?
* Backup server
* Gallery
* Books of Albion
* Yet another server
* Random fixing
click on Read More to know it all smile

Also, we want to say thanks to 15holes, for a very generous donation he made to our site, once again Don, thank you smile
Sorry that we didn't do the full update, but we've been working to no end over here and we didn't want to keep the site offline any longer.
Check back tomorrow for some new files smile
14 Mar 2006 by
Read More ... comments (7)

We're updating...
Site Update icon And meanwhile, the forum, gallery, media section etc will be off, check back the main page for when we're back wink

Happy Birthday Pete smile
12 Mar 2006 by
comments (19)

We're fixing the backup server
Site Update icon We'll let you know once it's ready smile
Meanwhile use the megaupload links please
27 Feb 2006 by
comments (2)

Just letting you know...
Site Update icon We aren't dead, we're just very busy smile
We're sorting out lots and lots of things, thanks a lot for your patience... I assure you the wait will be worth it
24 Feb 2006 by
comments (6)

Backup server problems
Site Update icon We're facing some problems with the backup server so you might encounter problems while trying to download from there.
Problems means: All the Babyshambles and The Libertines content has disappeared all of a sudden and we could say that for no reason.
Either we've been hacked or the host has messed up or something, I'll let you know asap how this goes, in the meantime please use the megaupload links.
Because of this we won't make the update until we can sort out the old files, as it would be pretty pointless.
Thanks for understanding
05 Feb 2006 by
comments (2)

Upgrades done!
Site Update icon The Ark Citizen status has been implemented, now, when you reach 75 posts you can go to the Ark Citizen Usergroup page and request membership.
Why so many posts? Because we want to upgrade people who are actually taking part in the community instead of just someone who'll spam a bit and then go away.

We've upgraded the first group of Ark Citizens, the requirements to be upgraded were as follows:
* Having 25 or more posts in our forum
* OR having taken positive part in the fan community (even if not in our site) in an active way for quite some time
* OR having contributed to the site in some way or other

If you were upgraded, you should have received an email with more info.
If you weren't upgraded this time and think you should, please use the contact page to state your username and why do you think you should be upgraded.
"I plan to be very active" is not a valid reason I'm afraid. If you're planning to be then waiting a short while until you get 75 posts won't be that difficult.

Tomorrow we'll add a bunch of files and we'll fix some broken links and the list will be updated as well smile
04 Feb 2006 by
comments (0)

Quick note
Site Update icon Just a quick note to let everyone know that for reasons beyond our control the promised update and the upgrades will be done until the weekend. Please bear with us, we promise it'll be worth it smile
01 Feb 2006 by
comments (0)

Site Update icon Happy late Anniversary!
We're very sorry it took so long to get this done... we still have a few problems with some graphics and but we couldn't keep pushing this back anymore.

  • New layout for the whole site

  • New server to provide downloads for ALL members

  • New membership system

  • New gallery system

  • New script that allows you to Send your files to us

  • New section for Lyrics (we'll go building it slowly)

  • Redesign of The List (that we have yet to update) and the Books of Albion sections

  • Bug fixing all over the place (now you can right click in the Audio & Video archive, for example :P)

  • And 126 New files including but not limited to the full Filthy McNasties 06.05.04 gig and Shambles in Graz

  • Details on the files added soon available, to see them click Read More smile
23 Jan 2006 by
comments (11)

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