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News Archive

We're back!
Site Update icon Site was unaccessible for a couple of days even though everything remained up and well... but now we're back smile and it feels great!
Here's the explanation of what happened: when you buy a domain, you?re suppossed to point it to a certain range of IPs (among which your server?s IP is - think of it like an area code) and so I did back in August when we changed servers, and I didn?t change anything since then, because I really didn?t have to, but then on Friday, the site wasn?t accessible, I contacted our host and they tell me the domain isn?t pointed to the proper nameservers, this was a bit odd? but even stranger is that when I went to the control panel of my domain, it IS pointed to the right address and other domains that are hosted at the server and are domains I registered with the same people, ARE working wassat�meanwhile, when you check the nameservers assigned to the domain, not via the control panel of the registrar, but via dns checkers, the nameservers are indeed wrong... I "updated" the nameservers anyway, and usually when you do that it can take up to 48 hours to "resolve", now, more than that has passed and I contacted the support people of the registrar and even if it took them quite a bit more than 24 hours they did reply and said they fixed it, checked the dns paths and it's correct smile
Meanwhile, if it ever happens again, remember that for downloading purposes you can use the Backup Ship,�remember�that it has all the files and don?t worry, the interstitial happens every 15 mins only, not every time you click (in case you were wondering)
Once again, thank you for your patience smile
17 Oct 2006 by
comments (3)

Lyrics update!
Lyrics Update icon


I'mso happy to be helping out by managing the lyrics section for Lenina and Paperwreck and all of you. I started last week and I think I've got the hang of it now. Here's what's new.

The following lyrics have been added:

Janie Jones - this song is listed under both Babyshambles and DPT

Dirty Fame - Babyshambles
Animal Nitrate (Suede cover) - Babyshambles
1440 - Babyshambles
A Message To You, Rudy (The Specials cover) - Babyshambles

Prangin' Out- Peter Lyrics to the extended version were added.
Flat 18 Delivery Straight To The Heart Of The Misery - Peter
You Talk - Peter
Fifty To A Pound (Paddingtons cover) - Peter
Teenage Kicks (The Undertones cover) - Peter
Guns of Brixton (The Clash cover) - Peter

Panic Attack (Paddingtons cover) - DPT
The White Cliffs Of Dover (Vera Lynn cover) - DPT
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (The Beatles cover) - DPT
You Spin Me Right Round (Dead or Alive cover) - DPT
Dirty Old Town (The Pogues cover) - DPT
Subterranean Homesick Blues (Bob Dylan cover) - DPT

Fairytale Of New York (The Pogues cover, performed by The Chavs) - Carl

The Last Of The English Roses - Libs

If you have corrections please send them in!

Pages for the following songs have been added:

Rock n' Roll - Yeti
Zombie - Babyshambles
Correction - General Santana

We don't have lyrics for these yet. If you have them please send them in!

Also, corrections were made to:

At The Flophouse - Peter, sent in by Anna
Sticks and Stones - Babyshambles, sent in by James Keane

Thank you both very much!

Miscellaneous typos and formatting-os were also corrected.

If you're interested in helping to complete the lyrics ark, there are a few songs still missing lyrics in each section (except Carl's), however Peter's section definitely needs the most contributions. If you send in lyrics, you will be credited.

Also, please let me know if there are new songs or live covers that do not have a page at all yet.

Thanks, everyone!

10 Oct 2006 by
comments (13)

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