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News Archive

Lyrics Update!
Lyrics Update icon The Libertines

Smashing - Added more of the French lyrics as sent in by lola, corrected the English lyrics.


Baddies Boogie - Added lyrics and info about the song sent in by Tim. (The Baddies Boogie and Sedative pages were updated.)

Sedative - Updated the title and listing on index page to 'Sedative previously known as It's A Sedative'.

Clementine - Added lyrics sent in by Gilbo_101.

Eight Dead Boys - Added alternative lyric sent in by emal.

Carry On Up The Morning - Lyrics were posted by Josh! and french_dog on the FDB forum.

Cuckoo 1440 - Added Stookie + Jim version lyrics sent in by luckyman1. (Updated title and listing on index page to 'Cuckoo 1440 also known as 1440, The Cuckoo One, 14.40, or Fourteen Forty'.)

Unstookietitled - Added page and partial lyrics. If you have corrections or the rest of the lyrics for this beautiful song, please send them.

Thank you very much to everyone who contributed this time around! smile

Special thanks to luckyman1, who sent in lyrics to all of the new versions / new songs on the Stookie + Jim - Bumfest Demos. I just found them buried under tons of spam (angry) in the other inbox, but I'm adding them now. Thank you so much! laughing

If you have any missing lyrics or corrections, please send them to us. We'll give you credit if you do. To make sure your contributions are received as soon as possible, please use the submit form on the page for the song you are sending (unless it doesn't have a page yet).

Thanks again everyone!

Updated update! laughing
Click on Read More for links to lyrics for each track of the new Stookie + Jim - Bumfest Demos! Enjoy.
26 Nov 2006 by
Read More ... comments (3)

More lyrics updates!
Lyrics Update icon If you have lyrics we're missing or corrections to what's posted, please send them in to the Arks! We're happy to give you credit for doing so.

Here are the latest additions:

Black Boy Lane Added alternative lyrics, sent in by anonymous (If you sent them and you'd like credit, let us know who you are.)
I Wish Corrected lyrics, as sent in by Jim Rennie
Eight Dead Boys Added alternative lyrics, sent in by Keyser Soze

Insect Eating Man Added alternative lyrics, sent in by Danny Lindsay (scottishsocialist13)
Song For The Dead Added lyrics, sent in by QXD-me

The Libertines
Time For Heroes Corrected / added more of the alternative Christmas lyrics, as sent in by Docherty

Peter Doherty
Waterfall (Stone Roses cover) Added lyrics, sent in by sum31uk
Waterloo Sunset (The Kinks cover) Added lyrics, sent in by anonymous (If you sent them and you'd like credit, let us know who you are.)

Dirty Pretty Things
Chinese Dogs Added lyrics, sent in by TheLivertine (aka Thomas)

Thank you to each of you for taking the time! smile
11 Nov 2006 by
comments (10)

Here's what's new in lyrics!
Lyrics Update icon Since last month's lyrics news update...

rachel.c sent in lyrics for Rubber Ring (The Smiths cover) - Peter

Patrick McHugh sent in lyrics for Crumb Begging Baghead also known as Zombie - Babyshambles
PLEASE NOTE: Fans have been calling this song Zombie but as it turns out, zombie is just a word in the lyrics. The list of Babyshambles songs has been updated to reflect this. (Btw, if you haven't read Peter's most recent interview, you should. He said some very nice things about fans.)

skyebluekookie and Laura sent in corrections to Prangin' Out - The Streets ft. Peter

Laura sent in corrected lyrics for Dirty Fame - Babyshambles

Anna sent in alternative lyrics for I Wish - Babyshambles

Alternative lyrics were added for a Christmasy version of Time For Heroes - The Libertines. These were posted by Tez Mann in a discussion
on our forums.

Thanks so much to all of you! smile

The full list of artists was added to the Janie Jones charity single pages - Dirty Pretty Things and Babyshambles.

Miscellaneous typos, grammaros, and code-os were also corrected.

Finally, pages were added for the following songs. We do not have lyrics for these yet, so if you have them please send them in!

Peacock Suit (Paul Weller cover) - Carlos

Song For The Dead - Yeti

North Country Boy (Charlatans cover) - Dirty Pretty Things

Waterloo Sunset (The Kinks cover) - Peter

Love Spreads (Stone Roses cover) - Peter

Waterfall (Stone Roses cover) - Peter

The Spy (The Doors cover) - Peter

Raise The Caboose - Babyshambles

The Hospital One - Babyshambles

Baddies Boogie - Babyshambles
PLEASE NOTE: Adam told fans this song's title on the Babyshambles fan forum. It has also been mislabelled as Zombie recently. This is the 'It's a lousy life with a washed up wife...' one. The bit at the end of the long version of It's A Sedative seems to be an earlier version of this song. I've added those lyrics to the Baddies Boogie page, but we still need lyrics for it as it's being performed on the current tour. Also, it seems the other voice on that part of the song is not Wolfman's, but Mik's. Thanks to Arthur on the Babyshambles fan forum for letting us know.

If you have lyrics we're missing or corrections to what's posted, please send them in to us. You'll be credited if you do. smile

Thank you again to everyone who contributed lyrics or other information this time around. It's appreciated.
07 Nov 2006 by
comments (6)

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