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Welcome to the Albion Arks! We tried to find a proper welcome text and failed miserably. So, on with the download, because that's what you all came for, isn't it?

Downloads for everyone without having to register at The Backup Ship!

Now you can download any file without having to register, at The Backup Ship! (bit ad-heavy, sorry)

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I've registered but I have not received my confirmation email
First check your unwanted email folders, if it's not there, then please contact us and we'll activate your account manually ASAP
This problem has been encountered mainly with users of Gmail and AOL, if you can, please register using another email account, you can change your address in your profile later.

How do I download the files?
You have three options,

  1. If you don't want to register, you can download file by file using our Backup Ship, it's a bit ads heavy, but it features direct downloads available to everyone.
  2. If you don't want to access zip files including several files at once, check out The List with downloads of nearly all our files grouped by gig etc. available to members and non-members
  3. If you don't mind registering to get many features, such as the lightbox that allows you to create your own downloadable Zip file, to post in the forum etc. go here, register an account, and then you'll be able to login in the Media and Zips sections, to download go to each file page and click the "Download" or "Download Zip" button.

    When I log in I get redirected to the forum and then I'm stuck in it!
    We've fixed this bug, but if this happens, after you've logged in, type in the address of the main site, and refresh the page... then go from there to any part of the site that you like

    I can't click on the Download button!
    That means that you're either not logged in, if you're not registered, you can use the link that goes to the backup download hosted @ or head over The Backup Ship.

    I'm registered but can't download!
    Are you sure you're logged in properly? If so, and you can't download anyway, it may be that the link is broken, please report it and for the time being, try using the links.

    What's this whole Membership/Downloading babbling?
    Well, there are four levels,

    • Unregistered members can download from backup links and The Backup Ship
    • All Registered members can download the files by clicking the Download button on each file info page, they can also use the Lightbox function
    • Registered members who are active in the forum or have helped the site in one way or another are given the Ark Citizen status, this is only a recognition level now
    • Registered members that have helped the site significantly are given the VAP (Very Arkadian Person) status, this however is just a recognition level and so far, there are isn't a special benefit to it

    Then how do I get my Ark Citizen status?
    Post around on the forum, and once you've reached 100 posts, you may request your upgrade at the Usergroups section.

    The link to download _certain file_ is broken/doesn't work/is too slow
    If the link is no longer working, please report it, if you find the download speed too slow, then you might want to register at our site.

    Why do you block the downloads?!
    We are not blocking them in any way, please read the whole of FAQ, it might be you're missing something

    What do I get for being an Ark Citizen?
    This is only a recognition level now, there might be some benefit to it in the future, we don't know.

    When I go to a file it asks me for a password, what should I do?
    This bug we had has been fixed a long, long time ago, it should not happen anymore... but if it does, please let us know what file it is so we can fix it manually... and just click cancel, this should not interfere with your download

    I can't see/hear a certain file
    You may need a codec:
    AVI files usually need the DivX or XVid codec
    RM files require the RealOne Player
    MOV files need the Quicktime Player
    M2V files need MPEG-2 compatible software, such as Videolan
    and finally, M4A files, are the iTunes format, however you can play them using Winamp

    Do you have... (Insert file here)?
    Please use the search function to find out, if we don't, let us know what it is and we'll look for it, give us as much information as possible, we want to make this archive as comprehensive as we can

All contents remain property of their authors, no copyright infringement is intended, original work is property of
The Albion Arks 2005-2006 Disclaimer


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