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Lost Art Of Murder previously known as Nice Day For A Murder and Lost My Phone In Paradise

You're rollin' high
Someone lost their stuff in paradise, oh

Go rollin' forth
I fall behind
Now I lost my phone in paradise
There she was
Oh, there she was

What a nice day for a murder
Well, they say you're a killer, boy, but
The only thing you're killing is time
It's nothing absurder than
A bird that's a burden to your heart
And starvin' belly and mind

Oh, don't look at me like that
She's gonna take you back

I said too much and too unkind

Oh, just get up off your back
And stop smoking crack
Change your life, oh
You'll change their minds, ah

Alternate lyrics:

(They) Say you're a killer, boy, but
The only thing you're killing is time
There's nothing absurder than
A bird that's a burden to your heart
And soul and spirit and mind

Don't look at me like that
Don't take you back
You've done too much and too unkind
Just get up off your back
And someone told me
You're smoking crack
Save your life and change your mind

Earlier (?) version:

Rollin' far away
Takes me to
It sounds like
Followin' around times (?)

But don't look like that

She won't take you back
You said too much
And too unkind

Get up off your back
Stop smokin' crack
Change your life
You can change their minds

Ah, honey don't say that you
Can't feel the passing sun

You're rollin' far, rollin' high
... the selfish stuck in paradise
... away
Time for a murder (?) well
Time fallin' further

Alternate lyrics (from Drew):
You say you�re a killer
But all you seem to be killing is time

Lyrics sent in by inkylibertine and Gilbo_101, possible titles sent in by Gilbo_101 and ShinyMetalAss. Last bit of alternate lyrics came from Drew McConnell in one of his online updates during the recording of Babyshambles' second album (May 2007). Thank you so much :)

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