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News Archive

Zip server back up! :D
Site Update icon Thanks so much to Varnim smile
09 Oct 2006 by
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Finally! A major update! (really)
Site Update icon So, it's been a long long time... we apologize for this, but here are the updates! smile

  1. The ads have been optimized for the new server, as well as the layout codes so it will be much more easy to change layouts, meaning the site can get prettier and prettier smile
  2. Lightbox is available again to all members! laughing Enjoy!
  3. Introducing... The Backup Ship! Now ALL visitors can download from there without having to register nor login, and with less hassle than links offer... smile we're proud of our Backup Ship! It'll be updated at the same time as the main site with all new files, and that includes this update's files smile
  4. We now have a Premium account, which means that the files we upload there will never be deleted smile We'll start adding all the files and zips very soon
  5. 219 New files! including festivals media and rather awesome Libs thingies as well as the Janie Jones clip and interview! smile Click on Read More for a full list and credits
  6. Lyrics update! Click on Read More for all the updated lyrics smile
  7. The Gallery is yet again at our main server, and now DEFINITELY is here to stay, we've fixed everything so our managers can work properly on it and it'll be as great as can be smile. We also made it so there are intermediate size pictures of all pictures that have one side bigger than 400 px so it's more low resolution and slow connections friendly, and so you can catch a glimpse of the whole picture without having to scroll smile to see the whole picture, click in the intermediate one
  8. Last, but definitely not least: introducing our (new) staff members!

    inkylibertine - Lyrics Manager

    love junkie jim - Video Manager

    black_paws - Gallery Manager

    Broom - Gallery Manager

    Maxi James - Gallery Manager (who had to leave the job for now for real world reasons)

    SockerFot - Gallery Manager

    violenceatdolequeues - Gallery Manager

    underthelace - Gallery Manager and Media Contributor

    And of course, can't forget those you already know:

    Tez Mann - Media Manager and Global Moderator

    Karen - Moderator of Media Contributions section in the forum as well as Media Contributor

    Thank you so much to all of you, without you, this site wouldn't be possible :) And also, if you're interested in being part of our Staff, keep your eyes open! New positions will be opened soon, to allow more improvements to the site! smile

For now the Zips server is down, so please, wait a bit for this to be fixed too, and finally, the financial stats, store and staff pages will be finished soon, please bear with us. We'll also be updating The List to have all files downloadable from there smile
If you donated money to The Arks, we want to thank you once again, we haven't written to each of you just yet, but we will, thank you smile
And thanks so much for the continued support, we love you all very much.
04 Oct 2006 by
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