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Babyshambles Lyrics

Full Song List

  • 007 Shanty Town (Desmond Dekker and The Four Aces cover)
  • 32nd Of December
  • 352 Days
  • A Fool There Was
  • A Message To You, Rudy (The Specials cover)
  • Animal Nitrate (Suede cover)
  • � Rebours used to be 2 songs: Curtain Call and He Will Fall/If You Fall/Dalliance
  • Albion
  • Arcady
  • Babyshambles
  • Back From The Dead
  • Baddies Boogie
  • Beg, Steal Or Borrow
  • Black Boy Lane
  • Carry On Up The Morning
  • Clementine previously called My Darling Clementine
  • Crumb Begging Baghead also known as Zombie
  • Cuckoo 1440 also known as 1440, The Cuckoo One, 14.40, or Fourteen Forty
  • Deft Left Hand also known as Candid
  • Dirty Fame
  • Do You Know Me? (I Don't Think So)
  • East Of Eden
  • Eight Dead Boys
  • Faith (George Michael cover)
  • Fireman
  • Fixing Up To Go also known as Ballad of Gascony Avenue
  • French Dog Blues
  • From Bollywood To Battersea
  • Fuck Forever
  • Gang Of Gin
  • I Don't Know That Man
  • I Wanna Be Adored (The Stone Roses cover)
  • I Wish
  • In Love With A Feeling
  • It's No Secret (Lefthand cover)
  • Janie Jones (The Clash cover)
  • Jumping Bean
  • Killamangiro previously called Kill A Man For His Giro
  • La Belle Et La B�te previously Conversation Diva
  • Love You But You're Green previously called I Love You (But You're Green)
  • Loyalty Song also known as What Did I Dream?
  • Maybeline
  • Merry Go Round previously called That Bowery Song
  • Monkey Casino used to be 2 songs: Bilo Song and Pipey Magregor/Pipey O'Brady/Pipey Magraw/Pipey O'Hooley
  • No Protection (Lefthand cover)
  • On the Trail Of The Lonesome Pine (Traditional song)
  • Palace Of Bone used to be 2 songs: Palace of Bone and Snakey Road
  • Pentonville Rough (originally by General Santana)
  • Pipedown
  • Piracy also known as the (at least) 2 songs it used to be: Hearts, Minds & Melodies and Why Did You Break My Heart
  • Raise The Kaboose also known as Raise The Caboose
  • Sedative previously known as It's A Sedative
  • Sheepskin Tearaway
  • Smile (Lily Allen cover)
  • Sticks & Stones
  • Stone Me What A Life
  • Straights
  • Teardrop (Dot Allison cover)
  • Terrible Pain
  • Torn
  • The Blinding
  • The Hospital One
  • The Man Who Came To Stay
  • The Sweet By And By (Songs They Never Play On The Radio)
  • The Whole World Is Our Playground
  • There She Goes (A Little Heartache)
  • "Unknown" (Lefthand cover)
  • Unstookietitled
  • Up The Morning
  • What Katy Did Next also called What Katie Did Next
  • White Riot (The Clash cover)
  • Wolfman
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